The Metis Experience

All about my experience at the Metis Data Science Bootcamp

Latest Work

Here is a sampling of what I've been working on lately.


  • Life Stream
    I continue to work on my final Metis project. The main user dashboards contain personal data, so are protected from public view by a robust user authentication system. I built a presentation on this project for Metis Career Day in the form of a marketing website. This can be found here.
  • Understanding the Amazon from Space
    I've started working on the latest Kaggle competition Planet: Understanding the Amazon from Space. The goal of this competition is to use satellite data to track the human footprint in the Amazon rainforest. Further updates will be poste here.


How To's and Resources

Current Courses (Never stop learning!)

  • I'm making my way through Andrew Ng's famous Machine Learning course on Coursera. It has been a great review on the mechanics of machine learning algorithms as well as a good way to get comfortable with used MATLAB/Octave.
  • For more hands-on exploration of the workings of Machine Learning algorithms as well as practice with Python, I'm also working through all of the examples in Data Science from Scratch.